Masami's products must meet the following M-GAP standards, including the following:

1. STANDARD PRODUCTION AREAS are carefully selected, the key fruit safety zones, certified by PPD. Currently, Masami is selling the following products:

- Logan at Hung Yen province

- Guava fruit at Ha Noi capital

- Litchi fruit at Thanh Ha District, Hai Duong and Luc Ngan, Bac Giang

- Custard apple at Lang Son province

- Durian at Tien Giang Province

- Mango at Cai Lay, Tien Giang province

- Dragon Fruit at Binh Thuan province

- Graph at Ninh Thuan province

- And some fruit other areas...

2. STANDARD PRODUCERS are trained on safe fruit production and are manufactured in accordance with Masami standards (M-GAP) in combination with VIET GAP and GLOBAL GAP standards.

3. PRODUCTION PROCESS: seed, fertilizer, pesticide are recorded in the orchard log book and managed on the system. Garden orchards are updated regularly with pictures.

4. QUALITATIVE QUALIFICATIONS: About 1 - 2 days before harvesting by mobile and laboratory testing, ensuring control of residues of pesticides, harmful microorganisms, heavy metals, nitrates lower than the permitted level.