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Dragonfruit, Lady Finger Bananas, Rose Apples and Watermelon

Dragonfruit, Lady Finger Bananas, Rose Apples and Watermelon

    • Lady finger bananas
      These small bananas have a very thick skin, revealing a sweet flesh inside. They are not often eaten on their own, instead turned into sugary desserts.
    • Dragon fruit
      The bright pink shell of a dragon fruit is a costume for the rather bland flesh inside, similar to an unsweetened melon. The flesh contains thousands of tiny seeds, similar of a kiwi fruit.
    • Rose Apple
      A rose apple is an almost savoury fruit, with a flavour similar to pear. It has a thick yet edible bright red skin and porous flesh. Rose apples are in actual fact a berry, and have a very high liquid content compared to other fruit.

Longan fruit Credit: Thai Guide to Thailand

    • Longan
      Longans (a member of the lychee family) are a small round fruit that needs peeling, grown across the northern part of Vietnam. The juicy sweet flesh contains large seeds at random, so be careful when eating them. However the flesh is semi-transparent and the pip is black so they are easily identified. A bit of a fiddle but well worth it!

Rambutan. Credit: Foodwallpaper.info

    • Rambutan
      Rambutans are grown across the south part of Vietnam and have a spiky red shell revealing a sour soft white flesh.

Jackfruit growing on treetrunk

Jackfruit growing on tree trunk

Jackfruit segments

Jackfruit segments

    • Jackfruit
      Jackfruit, a large fruit with a flavour somewhere banana and mango, is found growing from tree trunks all over Southeast Asia. These small boulders, when opened, contain many small orange segments which are slightly rubbery to the touch. The taste is sweet but not overpowering and slightly perfumed.

Durian. Credit: Iwasanexpatwife.com

    • Durian
      Durian is famed throughout Southeast Asia and is often smelt before you see it. The smell has been narrowed down to a mixture of caramel and vomit, with hints of cheese and rotting onions. Don’t let that put you off though! Take off the outer shell and a yellowy flesh is revealed with a flavour combination of custard and almonds. A true Asian delicacy!

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