Fruity Vietnam

To assist you as you travel through Vietnam and SE Asia – here’s a little more information about the fruit that you see.  Don’t be afraid to spend the spare change, haggle on a price and try some of these delicious new or old fruits!   (I’ve included the English and Vietnamese name on all of the items!)

bumpy apples:  mang cau tamg

bumpy apples: mang cau tamg

 I love Bumpy Apples!  The hard outer shells are peeled off and expose a firm apple/pear like fruit that’s very sweet.

apples:  tao

apples: tao

Yes – they have apples everywhere!  Now, if I could just figure out how to bake a pie without a stove – I would be really happy!


rambutan:  chom chom

rambutan: chom chom

Rambutan look a bit scarey, but they taste wonderful!  You break off the colorful, hairy outer shell and you get to sweet fruite inside!

water-coconut:  dua-nuoc

water-coconut: dua-nuoc

 Water coconut is a relative to the standard coconut.  You find these in the Mekong Delta and they taste just like a regular coconut!  I have seen these around Saigon for a while now and never knew what they were!  They look quite menacing, but dont’ be afraid to give them a try!

tamarind:  me

tamarind: me

 Tamarind is used for many things, but it can also be eaten plain as a fruit.  You just peel off the hard shell and get to a soft, sticky, red fruit with a small pit in the middle. 

persimmons: hong

persimmons: hong

 Persimmons are filling the markets right now.  They come from Dalt and are juicy and yummy!  They have a few different varieties – soft or crunchy.  I prefer the soft – the texture of a tomato, but taste much sweeter!

longa:  nhan

longa: nhan

For some reason when I eat longa it reminds me of the fall in the US.  Peel off the thin outer shell and eat the fruit inside.  Good, small, sweet treat! 


durian:  sau rieng

durian: sau rieng

 Durian, the king of fruit.  You can read about my experience trying durian here.  You can find it everywhere in the markets now – or should I say – you can smell it everywhere in the markets now!  Eaten alone, in shakes or ice cream – the smelly and squishy fruit is an aquired taste for sure!

coconuts: dua

coconuts: dua

Ah – my favorite!  Coconuts are everywhere in Vietnam!  Cold drinks, jellies, and shakes – you can’t beat the fresh milk!

dragon-fruit:  thanh-long

dragon-fruit: thanh-long

I still remember seeing endless rows of colorful, pink dragon fruit as I road the bus to Mui Ne.  These fruit definitely have personality on the outside – pink leaves tipped with green, but I find the inside a bit bland unless they are eaten in season! 

So – get out to those markets and start buying and trying some of this colorful, delicious fruit!


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