INDULIN 1468 is a mechanically stable latex polymer dispersion that is readily incorporated into cationic asphalt emulsions via addition to the soap solution (batch process) or by co-milling (continuous process). INDULIN 1468 can also be used to provide improvements in conventional asphalt properties such as increased softening point and decreased penetration.


INDULIN 1468 is used in the following applications:
 Chip seal
 Slurry seal
 Micro surfacing

Periodic mechanical stirring is required to maintain a homogeneous mixture. Some separation is possible due to the specific gravity and particle size distribution of this latex polymer dispersion.
The preferred means of stirring is with a separate propeller type stirrer. This low-speed, low-shear mechanical stirrer can be located off-center, set at an angle, or side-mounted near the tank bottom to prevent latex foaming or vortex formation. Center-stirring requires tank baffles. It is recommended that material be agitated for 10-20 minutes every 24 hours in storage.

Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. No special measures necessary provided that the product is used correctly. Ensure adequate ventilation. Drums of Indulin 1468 should be stored in a cool, temperature-controlled environment to prevent film formation.

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